Thank you thank you!

Ah, another BarCamp Philly has come and gone. Connections were made, knowledge was shared, coffee was decimated, and lifelong dreams of drinking beer on a school bus were fulfilled. We had a gorgeous new venue, a delicious new caterer, and the largest attendance yet!

You’re the best. We want to thank everyone who came, who contributed, and especially who volunteered their time and efforts to make the event the resounding success that it was. Our sponsors this year supported us in amazing ways, and we hope you’ll check them out and give them some props.

Check out the hashtag on Twitter (#bcphilly) and keep an eye on our Twitter account in the coming weeks for links to the event photos, courtesy of the talented Kevin Monko.

So long, farewell…

The story of BarCamp Philly begins with JP Toto and Roz Duffy. Nerds of incredible drive and capability, they made the decision to forge the first-ever BarCamp event in Philadelphia. Even in its first year, the meticulous organization, creativity, attendance and participation of the community made it an astounding success.

In the second year, they added Kelani Nichole as a third organizer. Kelani brought a flare and energy that added dynamically to the event, and BarCamp Philly 2 reaped what it had sown: an event on fire with passion from techs and artists and entrepreneurs and creators from all up and down the east coast. It started to be recognized as a flagship BarCamp, setting the bar for smooth organization, attention to detail, cool toys, and amazing participation.

In the third year, the team brought on a fourth organizer to shepherd the rapidly growing event. Sarah Feidt came to the team as a seasoned organizer of area adventure outings, and added some crazy thinking and even more detail-wrangling skills to the mix. BarCamp Philly 3 exploded with record attendees, eager sponsors, unprecedented session variety, and took the tradition of epic parties to a whole new level.

The organizers at BarCamp Philly 3

The organizers at BarCamp Philly 3

This year, BarCamp Philly 4, our beloved fall classic saw some amazing changes. We moved from UArts to a gorgeous dedicated floor at Wharton with drool-worthy A/V support and a beautiful outdoor plaza all to ourselves. We upped the ante on noms, bringing on talented professional caterers to keep us fed and caffeinated throughout the day. Our beloved mobile schedule and #ohai apps were in full swing, and sessions ranged from 3D printing to Ruby development to small business legal concerns to food swapping to blog monetization to free community wireless projects. We had more attendees than ever, coming from as far away as Florida, and the coveted event t-shirts (as well as the morning coffee!) disappeared in record time.

Next year, as you might have heard, there will be even more changes. Specifically, founders Roz and JP, along with the intrepid Kelani, have decided to step down from full-time organizer capacity. It has been a labor of love and passion, and they will absolutely continue to be involved with the event and the community it catalyzes. But they are going to step back, take a deep breath, and let Sarah and others take it from here.

Me! Me!

We would like to ask that people don’t flood Sarah with requests to be organizers! BarCamp Philly is in its off season for a little bit, and once the dust settles, we’ll be investigating our options for next year. If there’s a broad call for candidates, we’ll let you know via Twitter.

Thank you JP, Roz, and Kelani for all your hard work and your amazing ability to bring a community together. We love you!